Achstraße 38, Wolfurt, Vorarlberg, 6922, Austria


The amazing company history of the RATTPACK Group began in 1953 - as a craftsman's business founded by Hugo Ratt, who turned grey cardboard into shoe boxes. 

 In 1965 Wolfgang Ratt took over the management of the prospering family business and laid the foundations for our success today with his forward-looking company policy. He bet on Specialization and further industrialization of the company: The first offset printing machines, automatic die-cutting machines and gluing lines were introduced. Soon, the Product range, initially in the pharmaceutical sector.


In 2003 Stephan and Matthias Ratt took over the helm together. A decision had to be made: Stay small but fine and cover niches - or grow with reason and a sense of sustainability. The second path was chosen strategically - and has been taken successfully ever since.

 Today we are an international leader in packaging printing. Over the years, our plants and production facilities have been consistently adapted to the various branches of industry. aligned. This is how our competence centers were created. The RATTPACK Group stands for perfection, safety, innovation - and this for more than 60 years.