106 rue Choletaise – BP 40036 49450 Saint Macaire en Mauges


Suteau-Anver has a workforce of 60 employees and a €8.3 million turnover. Suteau-Anver has a sales network across France and uses agents in Europe; a Design Department that includes 7 project engineers and 3 automation engineers; an assembly workshop and an after sales department with 14 technicians who have vehicles and can respond within 24/48 hours to customers based both in Europe and across the world.

In 2005, aiming to diversify its markets and increase its turnover, SUTEAU-ANVER set up a new structure which specializes in manufacturing machines for the food processing industry: OUEST AGRO TECHNOLOGIE (OAT). Today OAT has 9 employees and a €1.7 million turnover. It develops production lines based on water jet cutting.

Today, Suteau-Anver has :

A workforce of on average 60 employees with dedicated teams working in Sales – Design Department – Manufacturing – Assembly – Installation –ASS present in France and export markets

Premises covering a total of 8,000m2

A spare parts store which stocks 20,000 products worth a total of €650,000

Skills, expertise and competency that are held in particularly high regard in its own areas of business:

1 – Design and Manufacturing (hydraulic and mechanical cutting presses for multi-disciplinary industry sectors working with composite and flexible materials; specialist machines with various environments; machines for the leather industry including footwear and leather goods; gluing machines; conveyor systems; water jet cutting machines, etc.

2 – Distribution (oscillating knife cutting tables)

3 – Trading machines from leading European manufacturers

To offer our customers the very best services and solutions, Suteau-Anver is always available to discuss your project and your requirements as we constantly strive to innovate and expand export growth.