W. Dimer GmbH

W. Dimer GmbH

Haseläckerweg 4 , D - 79725 Laufenburg

AboutW. Dimer GmbH

W. Dimer GmbH is an innovative medium-sized company with over 80 years of experience in cellulose wadding and foam processing. As a recognized partner to our customers, we develop and manufacture

tailor-made product and packaging solutions   

  • Cellulose wadding / tissue, 
  • PUR foams,
  • PE foams,
  • cross-linked PE foams, PA foams as well 
  • Cellular rubber.     

We are also a manufacturer of composite foams, composite foam molded parts, dental napkins and absorbent pads for food. As a cellulose wadding and foam specialist, we work for customers from a wide variety of industries: including companies from the pharmaceutical, food, medicine and medical technology sectors, machine and tool construction, the automotive industry, electronics industry, filter technology, transport protection and the furniture industry. 

Your appreciation for packaging and "Dimer brand" products is based on our extensive know-how in conjunction with the high flexibility of our product development. In the spirit of attractive alternatives that ensure our customers the necessary lead in their respective markets.

Our certifications according to ISO 9001 (quality management), ISO 14001 (environmental management) and ISO 15593 (food packaging hygiene management) show that quality, careful treatment of our environment and, in particular, the hygiene of our products enjoy the highest priority.     

The satisfaction of our customers is our top priority. Details are our passion: for innovations as well as for standards. We look forward to your challenges!  

Our services for you:  

  • Customization of packaging, technical products, individual articles 
  • Competent advice at all levels
  • Flexibility in development and construction
  • Production of small and large series
  • Short-term prototyping or one-off production 
  • delivery reliability
  • Large storage of foams for short delivery times
  • Coverage of all common processing options
  • Precision work and economy guaranteed by the latest technology and competent employees