Ab Rani Plast Oy

Ab Rani Plast Oy

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Depending on the purpose, the RaniStretch films are either cast or blown when manufactured. Regardless of the execution, RaniStretch protects and secures the goods on pallets making them stable. Besides pallet wrapping, RaniStretch can also be used for stretch band wrapping.

RaniStretch is a very broad range of films available in a large variety of thicknesses, widths and lengths. If needed, the films can also be equipped with special properties such as UV protection, corrosion protection (VCI) or anti-static additive. Although RaniStretch is usually delivered in a transparent form, coloured versions are also available when requested.

A variety of stretch film wrapping machines are available on the market for different packaging methods – stretch film packing is usually done either horizontally, vertically or radially. We maintain close cooperation with machine suppliers to ensure that we always have a full understanding of the processes.

RaniStretch Standard: A base film suitable for manual, semi-automated and fully automated machines

RaniStretch Power: A high-performance film for semi-automated and fully automated machines

RaniStretch Supreme: A film for optimized capacity, used in fully automated machines

RaniStretch Hand: For manual pallet wrapping

RaniStretch Blown: A blown film with high strength and strong puncture resistance

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