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All-Fill, Inc.

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Checkweigher Machines

Checkweigher Machines


Model EW/8 is All-Fill’s economical solution for users and applications that may only require an entry level checkweigher.

The EW/8 offers 0.5g resolution.

Utilizing a strain gauge load cell for weighing packages up to 5 lbs and operating at speeds of up to 120 packages per minute, makes the EW/8 just as versatile and reliable as other All-Fill models.


Line Speeds       Variable, from 60 to 220 FPM, 100 packages per minute

Accuracy              ±1-3 gram, depending on application

Package WeightsUp to 5 lb. per package

Package Dimensions      15” (381 mm) long by 10” (254 mm) wide; other sizes available

Construction      Tubular stainless steel frame (standard)

Direction of Travel          Left to Right or Right to Left

Conveyor Belts Variable speed, 8” wide x 12” long, 8” wide x 18” long

Weight Indicator              3 light tower (accept, overweight, underweight)

Controls               Front mounted control box (standard) Simplified 5.7” full color touch screen HMI with embedded microprocessor controller 25 program memory

Control Mounting            Front-mounted

Data Output       USB

Reject Devices  Air blast, pusher, or bopper

Reject Location Outfeed conveyor or Remote

Reject Direction               Front, Rear, or Special

Electrical Requirements               110V Single Phase, 60 HZ

Pneumatic Requirements            80 PSI/4 SCFM

Options                Data output to USB, 3 light tower weight indicator, guide rails

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