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CUTcontrol™ IIoT Digital Service Platform

CUTcontrol™ IIoT Digital Service Platform

The Intelligent IIoT Platform for Predictive and Preventive Maintenance


With BERHALTER CUTcontrol™, a unique digital platform has been created to monitor the productivity and efficiency of the die-cutting machines. CUTcontrol™ assumes the role of support system and uses diagnostic tools for data analysis in order to increase the production performance. In addition, target-oriented service in combination with good spare parts management improves machine utilisation rates.

Key Figures

Our unique IIoT platform CUTcontrol™ provides the infrastructure for collecting and managing data streams. These data streams come from machines, options and die-cutting tools. CUTcontrol™ paves the way to the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and is characterised by smart integration and a clear focus on die-cutting machines and their key performance indicators (KPI). The Number One in Die-Cutting.



Makes production process clear

Real Time

Live data of all machines and tools


HTML5 web-based and individualized


Increase of machine efficiency


Condition monitoring through data analysis

Individual and Personalised
With our dashboards consisting of modern visualisation software and the innovative presentation of machine data, we implement individually scalable digitalisation solutions. The digital interface creates an emotional connection of individualised content. A login area provides you with your own digital overview of the die-cutting systems. Central monitoring of the die-cutting machines - whether 1 or 30 machines and regardless of whether at one or more production sites.

Improving Plant Availability
The digitalisation and networking of the die-cutting processes improves the transparency, efficiency and utilisation rate of your systems. CUTcontrol™ provides all the functions for monitoring: from OEE, operating data and notifications through to data analysis. With all relevant data, processes and historical events, production jobs can be better planned and controlled in the future. The goal is to use the data from production in a smart and intelligent way and thus to improve the system availability.

Live Data
Operating data, error states and machine configurations are available around the clock worldwide. Our customers always have an eye on their live data from all the machines, tools and their production processes and can access them immediately if required. In addition, real-time monitoring improves maintenance planning. Detailed analyses can be generated with the aid of integrated reporting. In this way, insights can be gained of the condition and production behaviour of the machines.

Digital Services

Digitalisation redefines collaboration. When linked intelligently, data provides meaningful condition and performance information. To make the right decisions, you need transparency. Our CUTcontrol™ provides the answers. The goal is a prompt correction of faults and early determination of the service parts required. This allows you to access important key figures at any time and keep an eye on productivity. Access is child's play – via PC, tablet or smartphone.

The basic version of our digital platform CUTcontrol™ is available free of charge to all BERHALTER Swiss Die-Cutter™ B6 customers. This includes the applications described above, such as machine overview, detailed view of machines and live data from the last 24 hours. In addition, you can upgrade to the premium version, which enables the identification of OEE, KPI's and reporting. All you need for this is an edge controller and an RFID connector box. Contact us for more information or an individual presentation.

Remote Support
If the employee is stuck, he can always call in a BERHALTER expert via the Remote Support. Remote maintenance connects the expert to the customer's die-cutting machine and the expert can provide assistance without any problems. The current generations of die-cutting machines also have a chat function integrated directly into the control panel of the machine, so that the operator can contact our service team without interrupting production. The chat history also helps with cross-shift solution implementations.

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