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BIRKAN S.C. 800 Ground

BIRKAN S.C. 800 Ground

A genuine allround printing blanket for a variety of offset applications, including carton printing.

"S.C." stands for "Super Compressible": A thick microsphere compressible layer allows good smash recovery and increases the blanket‘s durability.

The micro ground surface, a special blend of nitrile and polysulphide rubbers, is designed to give excellent ink transfer and sharp half tones over a wide range of printing pressures. It resists most UV drying inks and washes and offers also very good paper release properties (QR effect).

BIRKAN S. C. 800 is compatible with a wide range of paper weights.

All blankets can be provided with or without bars or self-adhesive layer.


  • Sheetfed printing with conventional and UV inks
  • Recommended for carton printing


  • Excellent ink transfer
  • Good smash recovery
  • Excellent QR effect
  • Good sheet register
  • High durability

Technical Specifications:

See technical data sheet: Here

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