BIRKAN S. C. 900 E is the perfect blanket for high volume applications and where controlling press consumable costs are a major consideration. The sophisticated construction includes a highly resilient surface compound, offering excellent edge cut resistance, and enabling use with a variety of sheet sizes without the need for blanket changes.

The special micro ground surface finish gives outstanding print quality with sharp dot reproduction across a wide range of papers, boards and printing pressures, whilst also providing excellent sheet release on high speed presses.

BIRKAN S. C. 900 E is designed for use with conventional inks and affords excellent ink transfer, enabling printing with low ink film weight.

The innovative compressible layer with microsphere technology gives excellent smash resistance and ensures increased durability and blanket life. The blanket‘s overall longevity reduces downtime costs, further enhancing its quality and performance-value advantages.

All blankets can be provided with or without bars or self-adhesive layer.


  • Sharp dot reproduction
  • Very good sheet release
  • Outstanding edge cut resistance
  • Excellent smash recovery
  • High durability


  • Sheetfed printing with conventional inks
  • Recommended for carton printing

Technical Specifications:

See technical data sheet: Here

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