Bocedi srl.

Bocedi srl.

Via del Bosco 31/B, 42019 Pratissolo di Scandiano (RE) - Italy

Shrink Hood Machine

Shrink Hood Machine

Built with experience

Built with experience and constantly updated through the years, Bocedi hooding machines are designed to automatize the shrink hooding phase, available in 2 options with different ratings.

The machines work with thermo tubular films, automatically unrolled and cut to measure by a sealing bar and then blown up like a balloon to avoid load contact while applying around the load.

Different pallet formats

The hooders can be configurated with 1÷6 different film sizes or film thickness to offer the possibility of packing different pallet formats with one machine.

Plastic hood is tailored

The pallets are automatically detected and the film feed can prepare the right film size. The plastic hood is tailored, cut and sealed. The machine IS designed to work with thin films to red.

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