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but series

but series

Caplugs new patent-pending Standard Duty Well Casing Thread Protectors are designed to protect the exposed well casing pin ends while in transit or storage. The unique and innovative design allows the protectors to be installed as a push-on (non-threaded) cap, with a tear ring and rail removal feature, adhering to API standard duty requirements.

The BUT series will save time and resources with installation and removal

  • Patent Pending Design - no other like it in the industry.

  • Easy installation - does not need to be threaded on. Can be seated using a rubber mallet. Tapered end allows casing to slide up and over each other when loading or unloading from a stack.

  • Easy to remove at the drill site. No tools required for removal. Simply pull the tear ring and remove the protector.

  • Designed and tested for impact resistance, temperature extremes, salt spray corrosion and vibration.

  • Range of sizes: 4-1/2” thru 13-3/8”

  • To purchase disk insert to make closed end, call 281.399.2600

Color: Black

Material: Recyclable polyethylene

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