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Code Reader™ 6000

Code Reader™ 6000

The CR6000 is an industrial grade direct part mark (DPM) imager designed to read barcodes of every sort. The CR6000 effortlessly reads laser-etched, embossed, dot peen, low-contrast and postal barcodes, and easily decodes dense and extremely small barcodes. Designed with multiple illumination fields, the CR6000 intuitively selects the field that is most efficient at reading each barcode type. This results in quick and accurate data collection from hard-to-read surfaces, damaged barcodes, and those that are smudged, dirty or even caked with debris. This makes the CR6000 ideal for component tracking on assembly lines and other manufacturing applications.

CR6000 Features and Benefits:

  • Reads laser-etched and dot peen marks

  • Reads color and low-contrast barcodes

  • Reads 1D, 2D and postal barcodes

  • Wired via RS232 or USB connection

  • IP54 housing securely protects against dust and debris

  • Small form factor for operator comfort

  • Integrated metal clip or hook holder for ease of placement and retrieval

  • User feedback with programmable LED, audible tone and vibrating good read indicators

  • Operates hands-free or handled

  • Compatible with CortexTools® software configuration utility

  • Data editing and parsing with JavaScript

  • Optional stand

Applications: Manufacturing, automotive, heavy equipment, aerospace, and healthcare

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