Micro Embossing Machine

Micro Embossing Machine

The JS-E serial is designed for precision embossing works. Stable air suction feeder, high capacity pile, double sheet device and front lay, side lay for precision registration. The innovation plate is economic and quick change mode by stainless steel, plate cylinder is unique for heating by hot oil for quickly, stable and even temperature on each corner, this let precision embossing effect on each corner and edge, blanket cylinder equipped unique of oil cooling system to prevent fan out and stretch on paper. The JS-E is best for embossing on plastic films, papers, cardboard and Aluminum foil.

Product Specification:

Model JS-E2 JS-E3
Max. embossing size 1055mm X 750mm 1280mm X 930mm
Max. plate size 1060mm X 840mm 1060mm X 840mm
Min. paper size 300mm X 300mm 300mm X 300mm
Materials thickness 100gsm~500gsm 100gsm~500gsm
Feeding Auto air feeder Auto air feeder
Weight 6500KG 7500KG
Speed(depending on environmental) 2400 RPM 2400 RPM
2400 RPM Front/Side lay Front/Side lay
Dimension 6240X2320X2110mm 6240X2545X2110mm
Power supply 220V three phases 40KW 220V three phases 40KW

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