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ENOL Folien GmbH

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Sleeve labels

Sleeve labels

With the help of our sleeve labels or shrink labels , your packaging turns into eye-catchers. Whether glasses, bottles, cans - no matter how your containers are shaped - our high-quality printed sleeve egg chains will showcase your products, make them better perceived by your customers and accordingly buy more.

The tube-like sleeve labels are pulled over your packaging and shrunk by heat on your packaging. Here, the films nestle snugly against almost all shapes - without the addition of glue and without material waste.

We supply our film sleeves in the following materials:

  • PET

  • PVC

  • OPS

How to deliver our film sleeves:

  • on roll

  • as a single cut

  • Individually preformed for difficult tasks (for gas bottles or in the food industry)

Our sleeve labels are also available with longitudinal or transverse perforation right into the closure area. This makes opening easier and preserving the originality of your product. Additional security measures offer z. B. holograms and special colors.

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