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ENOL Folien GmbH

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Semi-tubular films-tubular films

Semi-tubular films-tubular films

The half tube is a folded film for industrial processing. It is a professional solution for automatic packaging with optimum weldability for tailor-made different products.

We supply the half hose in different materials and material thicknesses acc. Your wish. Highly transparent and glossy in PP (OPP, PPCoex, PPCast) as well as PE (LDPE). LDPE is also available in the form of hoses without or with gussets.

By choosing the right film, your products can be optimally presented.

Half hose or tubular film

  • for automatic packaging

  • in any widths and film thicknesses

  • Material made of PP or PE or composite films

  • Hose, half hose, hose with gussets

  • unprinted or printed

  • printed up to 10 colors in flexo printing or gravure printing

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