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ENOL Folien GmbH

Rapsacker 13, D-23556 Luebeck Germany

Films for flexible packaging

Films for flexible packaging

Our films for bread and bakery products are available as a bag for machine and hand packaging as well as flat web for your packaging machine - the perfect protection for whole and sliced ​​bread, rolls, toast, pretzel pastries, cakes, biscuits, pastries and croissants.

We deliver in the following materials:

  • OPP plain, OPP Coex, CPP (= PPCast)

  • LDPE

  • Composite films - also in combination with PET or PA for optimized barrier properties.

The film raw materials are specially adapted for use in bread and bakery products.

In addition, the flat track is individually adapted to your machine in order to enable a good machinability for trouble-free packaging of your products.

Our films are certified for food suitability and are also regularly tested for sterilization options, weld strength and film stability.

  • Bag dimensions, film widths, repeats and materials acc. Your specifications

  • unprinted or printed up to 10 colors in good flexo or gravure printing quality.

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