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ENOL Folien GmbH

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DKT Carrying Bags

DKT Carrying Bags

The DKT Carrying Bag is the standard poly carrier bag you know and love.

By the Griffausstanzungen with GriffblattverstÀrkung a high load capacity is achieved. With us you get this bag with bottom or side fold.

The material is made of PE (LDPE, MDPE, HDPE), transparent or colored according to your wishes. Each design is made individually for you. The choice of formats and film thicknesses is therefore almost limitless.

  • Also available in CPP or composite films

  • with bottom or side wrinkles

  • with or without grip reinforcement

  • GriffblattverstÀrkung glued or welded possible

  • up to 10 colors in flexographic or gravure printing

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