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Butter filling and wrapping machine - ARM

Butter filling and wrapping machine - ARM

Butter wrapping machine – ARM is designed for filling and wrapping butter, margarine, etc. into aluminum foil, parchment paper or ecoline (with memory). Machine modifications cover a wide dosing range – 9 – 1000 g and a big variety of brick sizes.

Main Features:

  • Filling and wrapping machine ARM for packing paste type products into consumer size portions;
  • Products to pack: butter, margarine, spreads, edible fats, curd;
  • Machine’s output: 15 – 80 bricks/min;
  • Sizes of package: 9 – 1000 g machine modifications cover a wide dosing range and a big variety of brick’s sizes:
    • ARM 9-25 g
    • ARM 50-100 g
    • ARM 100-250 g
    • ARM 200-500 g
    • ARM 500-1000 g
  • Possibility to have different sizes portions using a single machine by simply adjusting the height of brick;
  • Shapes of bricks: rectangular or semi round;
  • Packaging materials: aluminum foil laminate, parchment paper, ecoline (with memory);
  • Folding type of package: bottom folding, length side folding.

ARM 10-20g https://youtu.be/GLLCiom8V0Y

ARM 200-500g https://youtu.be/cdi7kynOmG0

ARM 1000g https://youtu.be/os9PRlW_uw4


  • Wide dosing range
  • Wide choice of packages sizes and shapes
  • Accurate dosing
  • Easy operation and maintenance
  • After sale support
  • Integrated solutions

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