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Lid cans

Lid cans

Patent cans, or even cans, paint cans and paint cans , are proven and safe packaging for paints, coatings, wood preservatives and other chemical-technical products as well as for certain foods.

For solvent-containing fillings we deliver these cans without interior painting.

For water-containing filling materials (eg acrylic lacquers), the cans are equipped with a special interior lacquering and a powder-coated weld seam as corrosion protection, the covers are then coated on the inside with a high-quality foil.

For powdery or pasty products , this type of packaging is also popular.

Ring and bottom fold are sealed with a rubber in the fold, the longitudinal seam is welded.

The lid is pressed into the ring and thus closes the can safely and reliably.

The opening of the can is done with a tool, such as a screwdriver, wherein the lid is levered over the ring.

We manufacture this packaging variant as cans and buckets in all common sizes.

Depending on market and customer requirements, we also offer lid / ring combinations as triple-tight .

By high-quality printing you support the brand appearance of your products. We are happy to advise you about our possibilities in the design of sheet metal printing.

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