Cheese & Margarine Trays

Cheese & Margarine Trays

Cheese & margarine trays


Since 2008, The company has been manufacturing cheese packaging used by Hochland Russia. The market research analysis projected that there were more opportunities for cheese packaging in the region. The local cheese producers primarily used thermoformed packaging with dry offset. But, company is serving local customers brands such as Plavych, Rokler and Mechta Hozyayki with an IML solution for such packaging. And on top of this IML packaging for cheese is highly appreciated and used by some Scandinavian brands, such as Pirkka, Rainbow, Paimenpoika and Silva.


The company has decided to manufacture IML cheese packaging that was suitable for the majority of local cheese manufacturers. By this way, it acted as an alternative that was offered to the cheese market. Thanks to the advantages of IML, this was an instant success. The print quality is excellent, the production process is very effective, and the packaging is strong and hygienic. Since 2015, Company owns 3 production units for IML cheese packaging.

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