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Automatic stretch hood machine (HSA-Vario)

Automatic stretch hood machine (HSA-Vario)

Automatic stretch hood machine (HSA-Vario)

Stretch hood machine HSA-Vario: Stretch on pallet

The stable, weatherproof hood secures the pallet unit, consisting of several layers, as a whole. This additional load stability remains in place even with frequent handling.

Load security in perfection 

Perfect high-performance stretch-hooder machines meet our customers'  high expectations for a comprehensive load securing system. We know the challenges faced by the transporter, handling bags with bulk materials and other load units worldwide as ship freight in containers, on rail, truck and in intermediate storage – and bringing them securely to their destination.

Painstakingly tested shipping units

With a view to the future we are already developing today – jointly with leading film manufacturers – painstakingly tested shipping units, which impress with their security, economy and environmental compatibility.

On this basis we give recommendations for the optimum film for each respective product – and corroborates the application of film. In the Möllers Group Academy expertise in optimal stability and ideal stetch behaviour is gained.

Your Benefits

  • Total solutions from a single source
  • Individually developed machine technology from a worldwide market leader
  • Outstanding performance strength
  • First-class machine availability
  • Absolute dependability
  • Great economy
  • Highest process security 
  • Comprehensive service

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