Pneumatic VFFS Packaging

Fully Pneumatic VFFS Packaging Machines


Fully Pneumatic VFFS Packaging Machines are fully pneumatic vertical form fill and seal (VFFS) packaging machines designed to package granular, free flowing powdered products, free flowing liquid products, snack products, various powder products, viscous liquids and paste products.


The 200-PL series Fully Pneumatic VFFS Packaging Machines are MK-211 with cup filler, MK-212 with liquid filler, MK-213 with paste filler, MK-214 with auger filler and MK-215 with linear weigh scale. These machines are used to produce center sealed, 3 side sealed and 4 side sealed pouches / bags. Adding to versatility, the 200-PL series can be integrated with fillers for granules, liquids, pastes, sticky powders, snacks and food grains etc.

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