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Slip & Plug Lid Tins

Slip & Plug Lid Tins

Rlm Packaging produces both slip lid and plug lid tin containers predominantly for the grease and adhesives industry.

We produce slip lids in an 89mm diameter with a variable height. The slip lids have an inward curled top and the lid fits over the outside of the tin similar to a biscuit tin.

In addition we produce plug lid containers in 113mm and 153mm diameter also available in variable heights or to your specific requirements. The plug lid tins have an outward curl allowing full aperture presentation at the top of the tin for easy removal of the whole contents. The plug lid fits tightly into the neck of the tin as its name suggests.

All our slip and plug lid tins are available decorated or plain externally with a plain or lacquered internal specification. RLM Packaging also supply plastic or metal follow-up plates for use with our slip and plug lid tin containers.




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