Dosing & Counting Systems

Dosing & Counting Systems

Dosing and counting systems:


SMC offers the possibility to choose among several kinds of dosing and counting systems - like linear electronic weighers with four of six vibrated channels, belt linear weighers, multi-head weighers, pieces counter, auger dosers, volumetric cup dosers or pneumatic dosers for liquids and creams. In order to grant the maximum level of personalisation of the lines, according to the production specifications required by the customer.



Multihead weigher SMC A 14 T


10/14-heads electronic weigher, completely AISI 304 stainless steel made, very suitable for high speed dosing up to 80 per minute of fresh or frozen products, in pieces or having unhomogeneous granulometry.


The weigher is able to calculate and combinate through the logic of random additions the dosings of the 10/14 baskets, choosing among the possible combinations the best one in order to obtain the preset total dosing value.


The work is ensured by step-by-step motors. The loading cells are German made.

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