Packaging machine for pods

Packaging machine for pods

Packaging machine for pods in filter paper:

DTC 550 is a machine at intermittent motion able to work at high speeds, upto 550 per minute, for wrapping double-twist hard candies which are feeded at random on a orientator rotating feeding disc with a diameter of 770 mm.


The machine is equipped with a double reel holder for performing a double wrapping, internal and external, of the candies, if needed.


Main Features


  • packaging machine for pods in filter paper mod. CL123
  • matriculation number PR032/93
  • double lane, complete with system for recovery of coffee of pods non-conforming
  • pods mould format d.38 and d.44
  • a pallet with filter paper and various spare parts of machine.
  • year of construction 1993
  • the machine has been completely overhauled both from the electric point that pneumatic, repain.
  • speed of the machine double lane cc. 45 pods of lane.

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