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Mixor MP Trigger Sprayer

Mixor MP Trigger Sprayer

Mixor MP

Mixor® MP is a powerful trigger especially suitable for abrasive chemicals thanks to its high chemical compatibility.

Mixor MP


  • High output-performance


  • High chemical compatibility


  • Patented Mixor engine


  • Easy to actuate


  • Reliable venting feature


  • Ergonomic, easy-to-use design


  • Customizable to your brand


  • Options include barrel foam nozzles, child-resistant features and labels


  • ISO-8317 certified solutions



  • Home


  • Garden


  • Automotive


  • Professional


Closures: 28-400 mm, 28-400 mm non-removable, 28-410 mm

Nozzles: spray, spray/stream, barrel foamer, foamer attachment

Output: 1.0 ml, 1.3 ml

Colours: black and white spray/stream. Custom colours are available upon request.

No. per carton: 370 pcs

No. per sea pallet: 9250 pcs

For customized solutions regarding colours and nozzles: MOQ 50 000 pcs.

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