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Sunbelt is a full service supplier of polypropylene, polyester, cord and steel strapping along with tools, accessories and technical service. We provide the best quality materials, lowest prices, and quickest service for all your strapping needs. We offer such brand names as Pac Strapping®, Polychem®, Samuel’s Strapping®, Dubose®, Titan® and ZR Tools®.

Polypropylene Strapping

Polypropylene strapping is the most common strap and least expensive of all plastic strapping products. It is available in hand or machine grade, and can be sealed with buckles, seals, heat sealers, and friction welding. We stock a large variety of polypropylene strapping for all applications.

Polyester Strapping

Polyester strapping is the firmest and most unbending of all strapping. It is frequently used on heavy loads such as lumber and heavy rigid palletizing. It can be sealed manually with seals, and heat or friction welds. We can supply any of your polyester needs.

Steel Strapping

Steel strapping is often used to secure pallets in place of plastic strapping. It is primarily used in heavy duty applications in the brick and lumber industries, and structural steel transportation. We stock all sizes and gauges for your light and heavy duty uses.

Cord Strapping

Cord strapping is produced from polyester fibers, which make it one of the strongest non metallic strapping materials available. Cord strapping is often used in agricultural industries. We stock many sizes and strengths of cord strap.


Seals are used to connect and seal two pieces of strap together. They can be applied with a manual sealer, by heat or friction weld. Sunbelt can supply any type of seal along with the right tool for your applications.


We offer heavy duty dispensers for both plastic and steel strapping, made with the highest quality material, heavy load bearing wheels, and solid brake assemblies.

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