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If you are looking for a tape to suit your packaging needs, Sunbelt has the right tape for you at the right price.

Whether its filament, masking, packaging or duct tape, we have the best selection of tapes at the most competitive prices.We offer Shurtape®, Intertape®, Tara Tape, as well as other brand names. Sunbelt can print your tape with your logo, or with any print that you require. We stock hot melt and acrylic carton sealing tapes, filament, duct, strapping, masking, and many other specialty tapes. Don’t get stuck with a tape that won’t stick! Choose Sunbelt as your number one tape supplier, and you will not be disappointed.

Packaging Materials

Sunbelt offers a complete line of packaging materials. We represent the nation’s leading suppliers of packaging materials.

Hot Melt Tape

Sunbelt offers hot melt tape in different widths and lengths for your specific application. From minimum heat exposure to extreme heat conditions hot melt offers adhesion that is long lasting and dependable. It is great for carton sealing application or bundling, and won’t leave a sticky residue.

Acrylic Tape

We offer a full line of acrylic tapes from 2” to 6” widths and in different lengths. Acrylic is a cheaper alternative to hot melt, but offers great adhesion and can be used in cold or hot weather conditions.

Masking Tape

Sunbelt stocks an array of masking tapes for various applications including packaging, bundling or painting. We stock high quality masking tapes that allow a clean removal from glass, metal plastic or vinyl applications.

Specialty Tape

Sunbelt offers specialty tapes for your unique applications. We can print your logo on the tape that you need, or we can print tape to identify your product as hazardous, fragile, etc. Sunbelt can get the tape you need for any occasion or application.

Filament Tape

Sunbelt stocks a variety of filament tapes that won’t split or crack. We offer filament tapes with aggressive tack that will resist moisture and chemicals. We also offer high tensile strength fiberglass reinforced tape for bundling, strapping and carton sealing.

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