Drum Decanting Machine

Drum Decanting Machine

Drum Decanting Machine is designed to enable accurate and hygienic decanting of drums or other large containers ready for processing or packaging. A drum is placed onto the weigh scale underneath the lance, pressing the button activates the filling cycle and the lance is then lowered into the drum. A pump removes a predetermined amount of liquid from the drum and passes it through to a blending plant.

The lance exits the drum and enters the lance cleaning tank (rinsing kettle) where it proceeds to clean itself inside and out, ready for use on another product.

  • 304 stainless steel construction.
  • Rinsing kettle.
  • Decanting pump.
  • Rinsing pump.
  • Drum platform incorporating roller conveyor, tilting mechanism and weigh scale.
  • Rinsing kettle can have an optional weigh sensor on mounting legs.

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