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The Adelphi Group of Companies

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Masterfil volumetric filling machine

Masterfil volumetric filling machine

Masterfil volumetric filling machine is ideal for those that require accuracy, flexibility, and robustness. The Adelphi Masterfil volumetric inline filling machine is available with a choice of between 2 and 12 filling heads and is designed for those who require accuracy, flexibility, and a robust system that will endure the harshest of environments.


Starting with a 4 or 6 head machine on a frame sized for growth, extra heads can be added to meet increased output requirements.  We offer a range of 4 heavy duty frames, which can accommodate 2 to 12 filling heads, there is also a light weight frame which can carry 1 to 4 heads dependent on the size of the container. The filling heads offer a wide range of fill volumes and can handle low to high viscosity liquids.  The nozzles are adjustable to fill foaming and non-foaming products with variable speed filling capacity. The honed 316L stainless steel filling pumps are available in 1, 3, 5, 6 or 8 liter capacities and can be specified in single or double acting format.

Optional touch-screen programming and the ability to store multiple filling profiles has greatly increased the efficiencies on line throughputs. Easy recall of container fill profiles has helped to de-skill the operating of this range.

Standard Features:

  • PLC controlled
  • Pneumatic drive for nozzles and pumping system
  • Single or double action product cylinders
  • Nozzles can be programmed to dive and rise whilst filling, fill into neck or remain above neck
  • Quick change of volume with digital readout
  • Accurate to ±0.2% (down to 25% of cylinder volume)
  • Ability to fill a wide range of container sizes
  • Variable fill speeds can be used during a filling cycle
  • Fully automatic container handling system includes ‘no container, no fill’ sensing
  • Pharmaceutical grade stainless steel box section conveyor with variable speed control
  • Totally enclosed 304 stainless steel filling cabinet
  • 316L stainless steel / PTFE contact parts


  • Touch screen HMI
  • Servo drive for nozzles and pumping system
  • Flushing circuit for in-place cleaning
  • Food grade polished header tank

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