XYZ Distributor

XYZ Distributor

XYZ Distributor is designed to enable bottles, vials, and other small containers to be filled semi-automatically. It can be paired with our peristaltic filling unit. The Adelphi XYZ Distributor is designed to be used in conjunction with the Adelphi Peristaltic Dispensing Unit.  Together they create a semi-automatic peristaltic filling machine for use in laboratory and small batch production environments.

Bottles, vials and other small containers can be filled automatically in trays, with the Z axis being the diving nozzle movement that allows liquid to be automatically filled from above the neck or into the neck.


  • Control box remote from moving nozzle frame suitable for use in laminar flow cabinet
  • Adjustable trays are supplied so that bottles are held in an orderly fashion
  • Setting up is easy using the menu-driven LCD displays
  • Special trays can be made to suit odd shaped bottles
  • Fills straight rows or honeycombed configurations

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