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Fully automatic inline liquid filling machine F-1800

Fully automatic inline liquid filling machine F-1800

Fully automatic inline liquid filling machine F-1800 delivers outstanding production flexibility and output as well as cost-saving efficiency and future proof scalability.

The System F range of inline liquid fillers is unique and offers an exciting combination of benefits to the owner and end user. The System F-1800 can be used to deliver most of the benefits of a bespoke filling machine, without time consuming bespoke engineering work, and at ‘off-the-shelf’ prices.

It contains a modular design that is capable of being configured to individual requirements without the need for bespoke development work. Modules such as the Frame, Pumping System, Control System, Product Feed, Drive Systems, Conveyor and Guarding can be specified in almost any combination, and a range of options can be selected to further tailor a machine to particular production environments.


  • Increased Production output
  • Lower operating costs
  • Greater standards of hygiene
  • Capability to quickly and cost effectively increase the capacity of filling line
  • Delivery lead time should be drastically reduced from the industry standard of 12-18 weeks

The following are the most basic of choices that you need to make when specifying your System F:

  • Product Dosing Module – volumetric or flowmeter
  • Nozzle Module – Rise while fill, in to neck, two or three axis
  • Filling Heads – From 4 to 16 depending on pumping module selection
  • Drive Systems – Servo, pneumatic, or a mix of both
  • Product Feed – Tank (polished or unpolished) or manifold

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