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Trepko 200 Series Rotary Tub Filler

Trepko 200 Series Rotary Tub Filler

Trepko’s Rotary Filling and Closing Systems provide flexible and effective solutions for the filling and closing of pre-formed containers. The machinery within this range achieves outputs of up to 14,000 cups/hour. Four machine sizes are available (210-220-230-240) depending on the required output, container size and options required, each with different frame sizes and number of lanes.

Thanks to their flexibility the 200 Series machines meets small, medium and high production needs especially limited by production space. The compact construction of this machinery allows for efficient use of the floor-space at the user’s production facilities.

The machine complies with the strictest hygiene requirements within the food industry. The packaging hygiene can be enhanced by a number of optional features such as CIP/SIP facility for the filing systems and sterile air cabins etc. For large frame sizes, cup sterilization options are also available.

Ever mindful of quick market changes the 200 Series flexibility guarantees that new packaging ideas can be accommodated. The 200 Series represents full production flexibility in terms of product and container changes. Extra product depositors can be installed as a pre or post-filling of semi-liquid or dry products. Utilising the cassette concept allows fast changeover between alternative container sizes.


  • individuality: tailor made solutions

  • flexibility: available for a variety of cups and containers, a variety of products to be filled (desserts with vertical, horizontal and twisted layers, layered dessert with icing, filling cream in an attractive pattern)

  • reliability: modern materials and high quality construction contribute to easy and cheap maintenance, this guarantees the machine’s long life, modern drive systems provide a high standard of packaging

  • product safety: during the packaging process the most stringent hygienic standards are maintained. Seal check and elimination of defective packaging are available as an option

  • comprehensive: integrated solutions for all the phases of the packaging process

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