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Inline Form Fill Sealing System

Inline Form Fill Sealing System

Trepko's 9100 series offers a competitive Inline Form, Fill and Sealing System for liquid, semi-liquid and pasty food products. The machines have been designed to meet customer demand, whereby the series offer a Flexible, compact, hygienic, economical and easy-to-use system.

The machine achieves outputs from 3.000 up to 50.000 cups/hour, while at the same time keeping the floor space requirements at a absolute minimum. This makes the machines of the 9100 series the most compact solution on the market.

007 s9100The 9100 Series enables full flexibility, and meets the most demanding requirements of the marketing department. A complex sequential cutting tool allows for immediate changeover between any cluster-pattern by a simple touch of a button. Furthermore product complexity and easy product change is enabled by wheel-in-wheel-out filling stations. The standard version is prepared for having 4 filling stations connected at the same time, thereby enabling the filling of up to 4 different flavors in each cluster-pack.


  • Flexibility: a variety of products to be filled, different flavours in each cluster-pack,

  • Hygiene: three levels of hygiene: Standard, Ultra Clean, Aseptic

  • Immediate changeover between any cluster pattern

  • Wheel-in-wheel-out filling station to create new product

  • Equipped with HMI touch screen, servo technology and recipe handling system

  • Compact construction of machine

  • Integration with End of Line Solutions (700 Series).

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