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Sweep Depalletiser

Sweep Depalletiser

Vega 120B: Sweep Depalletiser


Compact depallatiser for the complete layers of product composed in product support walls, mechanical system for vertical movement of the pallet and pusher bar for evacuation of layer on the out-feed table.


Ideal for unstable products due to support walls and the progressive movement of various devices.


Offers high output in compact footprint with excellence balance between floor space and production rate due to straight forward design of the structure and the fact that the out-feed height of the layers is based upon the maximum height of the pallets that the machine needs to work with.


The machine is designed to automate all operations, so that the pallet in-feed, empty pallet out-feed and layer-card removal can be completely optimized.


Technical Data:


Mechanical speed cycles: up to 3/min


Usage: Ideal for Food, Water, Liquors, Chemical & Oil Packaging.

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