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Carton Packing Machine

Carton Packing Machine

Pack 16: Carton Packing Systems


Automatic carton packer with 2 movimentation axles, conform to receive and organize in a suitable way the boxes coming from the filling section, pick them up according to a proper quantity and insert them into the cartons or cases. Manufactured for working with a wide range of products in small areas.


Pack 16 stands out in technological innovation, reliability and automation. This is due to the Brushless use regarding the main pick up union movimentations and a simple and optimized devices movimentation.


Brushless motors use on the two pick up head movimentation axles, it is easy to manage multilayers and multirows formats into the carton, allowing in this way many and free applications.


Technical Data:


Mechanical Speed Cycles: 16/min

Speed Layers: up to 900/hr

Usage: Ideal for Food, Water, Liquors, Chemical & Oil Packaging.

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