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Low-level Automatic Palletiser

Low-level Automatic Palletiser

Sirio 2S: Low-level automatic palletiser


Low-level automatic palletiser with the pallet in a stationery position for medium production needs. Ideal for cartons, crates, jerry cans and shrink packed products. The products on in-feed are distanced one from the other, orientated, grouped into layers and placed on the pallet in a pre-determined program.


Versatile and robust machine which can be supplied with one or more product in-feeds, high or low level in-feed, in addition to being able to be adapted for non standard pallets from 800x600 to 1100x1350 mm.


The transfer of the layer from the layer preparation table to the pallet is carried out by a trolley with a centrally opening table for alignment of the product length-ways, which ensures optimal palletizing of the layer when there is a space in the middle of the layer pattern, as the layer border is kept aligned.


Technical Data:


Mechanical Speed Cycles: 3/min

Speed Layers: up to 240/hr

Usage: Ideal for Food, Water, Liquors, Chemical & Oil Packaging.

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