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Monoblock Cartoning Station

Monoblock Cartoning Station

Combi 15: Monoblock Cartoning Station


Cartoning station of new generation, with integrated erecting, packing and sealing sections for RSC cartons. Compact footprint designed to work with different types of products.


Output and efficiency are guaranteed by the rational integration of the different working sections. 


The high reliability of the monoblock is guaranteed by a simple movement system optimized with the employment of reliable components and Brushless motors for the main movements.


The carton forming is realized during the carton out-feed from the magazine and shaped guides are used.The carton erection is carried out by a mobile arm equipped with suction cups. This system allows a quick and safe opening also of very difficult cartons.


Technical Data:


Mechanical Speeds: up to 900/hr

Usage: Ideal for Food, Water, Liquors, Chemical & Oil Packaging.

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