Sachets are small, printed packages in the form of bags or pouches, which can be made of paper, plastic or composite films, depending on the intended use. They have a number of advantages over other forms of packaging: sachets are lightweight, but have very good barrier properties and thus provide optimum protection for the product. They are ideal as packaging for sample packages and free samples - with the Sachet you can bring a new product to the desired target group at low cost.

Versatile use in the food and cosmetics sector

In the food industry, sachets are often used for soup packs, nut sachets, baking soda, chocolate loaves, spices, etc. In order to guarantee maximum safety for foodstuffs, only low-migration inks are processed here. In the cosmetics sector, these flexible packages are often used for cream or shampoo samples or for all sample bags or small packs.


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