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System Components Single Phase Converter

System Components Single Phase Converter

System Components

Yaskawa's system components include the Single Phase converter which changes single phase AC power into DC power for Yaskawa's variable frequency drive families. The Single-Phase Converter solves many single phases motor control application problems from power quality to harmonics.

Single Phase Converter

The Single-Phase Converter is the solution to your single phase to three phase power conversion needs.

Three phase power is scarce in many parts of rural America, but the need for three phase motor control is real. Many solutions exist such as static phase conversion, rotational phase conversion, and derating standard three phase variable frequency drives. Each of those solutions comes with trade-offs such as frequent tuning, reliability issues, or harmonics stressing transformers. Yaskawa's Single Phase Converter eliminates those problems by combining digital drive technology and Yaskawa quality.



  • Less than 10% iTHD reduces installation costs
  • Eliminates the need for drive oversizing
  • Three-phase motors are more efficient and less expensive than single-phase motors
  • No rotating parts needed for phase conversion
  • UL Listed

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