Albrecht Bäumer GmbH & Co KG

Albrecht Bäumer GmbH & Co KG

Asdorfer Straße 96 – 10657258 Freudenberg

AboutAlbrecht Bäumer GmbH & Co KG

Albrecht Bäumer is an international, medium-sized and value-based family-run business which for generations has undertaken to do everything possible to maintain its competitive edge in the market.

We carry out our day-to-day work with a high degree of personal commitment and impetus. Professionality and determination best describe how we act in many different situations. We can claim to be able to provide the “best-in-class” solutions using cutting-edge technologies. Because we know what we are doing and how we are doing it.

Together with our customers, suppliers and colleagues, our actions are deliberate and always in complete conviction that we are able to provide the best possible solution. 

Four generations of reliability

Bäumer has been a reliable partner in the industry for more than 75 years. For decades now, our customers' trust has been based on the customer-oriented way we listen to their needs and continuously provide best-in-class solutions. This legacy motivates all of our staff for the future. The company uses the experience it has gained over generations to create future-oriented solutions, and passes on its competence in products and services to its customers. This leads to joint solutions for sustainable success.

With continuity and endurance, Bäumer is continuing to evolve even in the current 4th generation. Creating something of endurance is the motor that drives us on day by day. Bäumer is a company which is established on the market and which is built on a solid, stable foundation. This includes not only financial stability but also a sound system of values. Value-based company management, together with financial foresight, are the decisive cornerstones of Bäumer's success.

Albrecht Bäumer is a trustworthy partner for the future and its interests lie in long-term and fair cooperation – with customers, suppliers and the workforce. For mutual trust coupled with honest and interested dealings with one another lead to stable and long-term prospects.

Breaking new ground with enthusiasm staying flexible

Creative lateral thinking is both permitted and desired. Looking for challenges, accepting new challenges generates permanent improvements, new services and innovations. One of the reasons for our success is our persistent will and aspiration for ongoing development; another is our claim that “we never stand still”.  

Consistent actions

At Albrecht Bäumer we think very carefully before taking any decisions. A decision once taken is always binding and well-contemplated. We stand by our word and act accordingly. By asserting itself strongly against its competitors, Albrecht Bäumer has become what it is today - one of the leading makers of machines and facilities for the foam industry. Our policy is one of commitment to what we say and do. 

Reliable employer 

People who have started out with Bäumer often stay here. We are proud of this. Many employees did their apprenticeships here, like their fathers before them. Bäumer employees are loyal, and it is not unusual for them to support the company until they reach retirement age.