APC Products Limited

APC Products Limited

38 Lorne Avenue Brampton, Ontario, Canada L6X 1L1

AboutAPC Products Limited

Corporate Profile

APC Products Limited designs, manufactures and markets a proprietary range of closures for dispensing liquids from plastic pails. Closures feature all-plastic construction to be rust free and 100% recyclable. Pail closures are available with pressure venting and smooth flow features to enhance the package performance. New high performance and cost effective closure solutions are based on the 30 years of manufacturing and engineering experience in the pail industry of company president Ron Sturk.

APC Products Limited has developed products uniquely suited to the manufacturing tolerances and assembly methods of injection molded plastic pails. APC closures are well suited to high speed automation. Our services include the supply of manually operated installation presses. APC can recommend equipment manufacturers capable of supplying automatic closure installation systems for higher volume production.

Customers We Serve

APC’s closures are integral to the manufacture of HDPE plastic pails used as shipping containers for a variety of industrial and consumer related liquids. Packaging uses include petroleum lubricants, cleaning products, food, coatings and chemicals. We work with both plastic pail manufacturers and major fillers to ensure all requirements are addressed.