Case Mason Filling, Inc

Case Mason Filling, Inc

9101 Yellow Brick Road, Suite C, Baltimore, MD 21237

AboutCase Mason Filling, Inc


The Case Mason Advantage isn’t just one thing. It’s many things.


The first component of the Case Mason Advantage is our location. Our facility is strategically located just off Interstate 95 in Baltimore, Maryland. That’s where you can find our experienced leadership and engineering teams who possess deep expertise in the contract packaging and filling services business.


Case Mason offers turnkey solutions, encompassing everything from sourcing raw materials to distribution of finished goods. Experienced with many different product formats, we can accommodate a broad volume range, from small quantity runs to millions of units.


The on-site engineering team at Case Mason provides many other unique advantages to our clients. We have the ability to customize equipment in order to accommodate a broad range of project types, repurpose existing equipment to meet your precise requirements, as well as minimize downtime due to quick adjustments and repairs performed by our on-site engineering team. In addition, Case Mason can custom-build processes and tooling, or retool to accommodate specific manufacturing or packaging needs, and we’re also set up to do organic filling.


Scalability and flexibility are two more distinct advantages. With a 135,000 square foot facility, we can easily support large-scale programs or seasonal surge programs.

We feature extensive cosmetics manufacturing and packaging expertise, especially for nail polish and lip balms. For dry foods and beverages, Case Mason has a separate 16,000 square foot food-grade plant. The designations and certifications of this dedicated facility include AIB, FDA Registered, EPA Registration, State of Maryland Licensed Food Processing, U.S. Department of Agriculture, Kosher Certified and Alcohol Bonded.


Finally, there are the people of Case Mason, who deliver the highest levels of customer service and satisfaction, with a “let’s make it happen” attitude.