Colimatica USA  Coligroup's factoryColimatic USA is associated with the parent company Coligroup spa. Coligroup is located in Northern Italy and has been one of the worldwide leaders in providing packaging solutions used to pack medical applications and food products for over 40 years. Our US office is located in Southern California since 1998 and provides local support to our customers throughout the US and Canada. Product LineColigroup design departmentOur product lines include Horizontal-Thermoforming-Form-Fill-Seal (FFS) packaging machines, tray sealing machines and Vacuum Chamber machines. In addition, we design specialty customized lines tailored to a wide range of requirements.

To complete our packing lines we additionally offer robotics, printing, labeling, and other systems. These unique integrations make our packaging systems complete, efficient, and tailored to the customer needs (Check out our blog post about Colimatic Robotic System Integration). Main FeaturesOne of our most recognized features of our machines is the Variable Size. This characteristic allows the tooling to hang simply by pressing a button on the touchscreen (Patent n.1220466).  In addition, our  integral Cutting System is able to cut any kind of previously thermoformed shape (Patent n.  0250543). We design our equipment to be aligned with USDA and FDA regulatory requirements as per SO11607-1/2 and applicable Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). With turn-key project management, we thrive to execute and complete projects from initial planning o design, manufacturing and final installation of your packaging line. Your machine special requirements is on our mind and focus.

We have the know-how and talent to customize our machine to fit these requirements.Saving the EnvironmentOur machines features reflect our commitment to preserve the environment by reducing Co2 missions. Our R&D Department is always striving to develop more environmentally friendly packaging solutions, by using components that require less energy consumption.  As a result of this continuous effort we have developed special devices that work with special packaging material including the ability to form paper structures and specialty laminates. In addition, our systems offer MAP packaging in Carton and corrugated substrates using biodegradable laminates.Happy CustomersFrom Pre-Sales to machine installation and Post-Sales support and service, our focus is on our customer. We are fortunate to have a dedicated team, composed of American, Italian and international engineers. Our professional team offers an efficient pre and post sales technical support and service. 

Additionally, a fully automated management of the spare parts department guarantees prompt assistance 24 hours 7 days a week. Colimatic USA Team

The COLIMATIC Brand was born in 1973 thanks to the passion for optimization and industrial innovation; this brought a small company to expand in a few years, to become a true leader in the field. After nearly half a century of success and continuous developments, we consider ourselves a big family, devoted to those professional values, which allow us to approach our customers as a partner, as well as a supplier.


Listen to our customers in order to fully understand their needs, being also able to establish a successful communication, is our key to tailor made packaging solutions. Our customer’s success is our mission!


We believe that the quest for new technologies that are environmentally sustainable is one of the first goals that a modern company should have, because nowadays to protect our environment, is a duty of all. To respect our environment is the priority of our production process. “We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.” (Proverb of the Navajo people)