cph Germany Chemie

cph Germany Chemie

Production and Trade association mbh Heinz-Bäcker-Straße 33 D-45356 Essen

AboutCph Germany Chemie

For 40 years, cph Deutschland Chemie has been a privately owned, medium-sized chemical company that has specialized in the development, manufacture and sale of industrial adhesives. And because we have the highest demands, we offer products with the highest level of reliability in use.

cph Deutschland Chemie is part of the internationally active cph group with production facilities in Germany and abroad. We cover all applications in the labeling industries on glass, PET, sheet metal, PVC, PE etc, with casein, starch, hotmelt and dispersion adhesives. There are also numerous applications of paper / cardboard composites in the packaging industries, wood and foil composites in the furniture industry and in pallet securing. The cigarette industry also relies on cph, as do numerous manufacturers of baby diapers.

Every day we find new solutions for different challenges. Our engineers, chemists and physicists are highly qualified and advise our customers on complex problems.

We export our products to over 100 countries. We are a world market leader in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčlabel adhesives: Our labels are affixed to around 10,000 bottles every second.