FormTex Plastics Corporation

FormTex Plastics Corporation

6817 Wynnwood Ln. Houston, Texas 77008 USA

AboutFormTex Plastics Corporation

At FormTex We offer quality plastic packaging solutions, real-time inventory management, and unrivaled new product design capabilities.

“Thermoforming” is the process of heating and forming modern plastics into useful and cost effective packaging. At FormTex we offer a wide range quality plastic packaging solutions.

Our Houston and Mexico production facilities process many grades of Plastics including: Anti-Static (static free) for Electronic applications, Medical Grade Plastics for Medical Packaging, Food Grade (FDA) for Food Contact Products, and Reclaimed/Reprocessed Utility Grade materials for endless utility applications – we specialize in thermoforming a wide range of plastics – for an even WIDER range of end applications!

Through comprehensive sustainability efforts, we manufacture products that are safe and healthy for individuals, communities, and the environment – while meeting criteria for quality, performance, and cost. We employ the use of renewable and recycled goods and strive to design products which optimize these materials that conserve our energy resources.