Galdi Srl

Galdi Srl

Via E. Fermi, 43/B 31038 Paese (TV) Italy

AboutGaldi Srl

More than 30 years ago Galdino Candiotto, founder of Galdi and passionate about mechanics, designs and creates the first Galdi filling machine. The “ Numero 1 ” was created to respond to a need of the family dairy and other local dairies: to move from packaging in glass bottles to paper cartons, a more flexible, economical and sustainable packaging .

Today as then, we continue to work and improve with the same goal: solving needs and creating satisfaction .

The company actively collaborates with the main world companies in the packaging sector and with Italian universities for the study and development of new systems and innovations. With the aim of improving efficiency and the ability to produce innovation, Galdi has adopted the Lean and Agile methodologies for several years .

Since the introduction of Lean Production in 2010, a real revolution has begun in the company that has involved all Galdi collaborators and also the suppliers . From the warehouse to the production area, significant results have been achieved in reducing waste and inefficiencies.

An example is the testing area : by optimizing the layout of the bays and the supply system, a closed-circuit system has been created which makes it possible to recover 100% of the water used. For our customers, a more advanced and efficient testing also translates into a reduction in start-up time , avoiding the occurrence of problems in the start-up phase.