Lombardi Converting Machinery S.p.A.

Lombardi Converting Machinery S.p.A.

Via del Mella, 61/63 - 25131 Brescia (BS), Italy

AboutLombardi Converting Machinery S.p.A.

Lombardi Converting Machinery S.p.A. is a world wide famous company in production and distribution of automatic punching machines for labels and envelopes, flexographic central drum machines, and narrow web flexographic presses in line.

With a 30-years international experience of top quality production, and more than 1300 installations in 100 countries all over the world, Lombardi set a new standard in converting and printing technology, thanks to research and developement in feorefront solutions. The technical concepts inspirating our projects led to unbelievable features of precision and easiness of use, recognized by label printers all over the world.

The will of continuously improving the quality of our projects and production, never stop looking for always better solutions and finally finding confirmation in customer satisfaction is the leading concept of our company, that reflects itself in our motto:


Highly professional engineers and top quality machinery guarantees our well known affidability standard, which has been the key of our growth.