Mar-Pak, Inc.

Mar-Pak, Inc.

P.O. Box 685, 519 Fort StreetMarietta, Ohio 45750

AboutMar-Pak, Inc.

On the banks of the Ohio River, Mar-Pak has served our local customers offering a full line of packaging products as well as warehousing and logistics. Our reputation in the FIBC industry both here in the United States and around the world has earned us the highest praises as a company of values, integrity, professionalism and accountability.

If you were to ask “What makes us different from the next,” our answer, without hesitation, would be “Our People”. We serve our customers with more than 250 years of combined experience. We bring with us years of relationships with trusted manufacturers and a vast network of products and services.

Our History

  • 1983 – The company was started by Bill Miner and Terry O’Brien as Miner Sales, Inc. Miner Sales handled our national contracts with suppliers as well as our key customers such as DuPont and Shell Chemical.
  • 1983 – Miner Sales became the first and only manufacturer’s representative for Stone Container Corporation in the U.S. for corrugated.
  • Designed and supplied the first bulk box for Shell Chemical, which is now Kraton Polymers
  • 1984 – Was at the forefront of the bulk bag movement in the U.S. representing B.A.G. Corporation out of Dallas Texas as their top sales agent.
  • 1996 – Top Sales Performance Award
  • 1998 – Largest Total Sales Volume Award
  • 1999 – Largest Total Sales Volume Award
  • 2002 – Best Closing Ratio Award
  • 1989 – Shell Chemical Supplier of the Year
  • 1991 – Shell Chemical Supplier of the Year
  • 1994 – Shell Chemical Supplier of the Year
  • 1999 – Ames Tools Supplier of the Year
  • 2004 – Founding partner Bill Miner passes away leaving controlling interest to Terry O’Brien
  • 2006 – All companies are consolidated to form Mar-Pak, Inc.
  • 2006 – Don Brown V.P. of Sales orchestrates a logistics and warehousing agreement between Mar-Pak, International Paper and Kraton Polymers.
  • 2017 – Terry O’Brien passes away
  • 2019 – Michelle Secrest and Chuck Watt purchase Mar-Pak
  • 2019 Orion Engineered Carbon names Mar-Pak supplier of the year
  • 2019 Mar-Pak rolls out a new look for itself

Local Pride

While every employee at Mar-Pak takes great pride in his or her work, we also have great pride in our community’s rich history. We are reminded of it every day as we enter the historic building which serves as our corporate headquarters in Marietta, Ohio.

Located right on the banks of the Muskingum River, it is known locally as the David Putnam House. The first block was laid in 1792 and it was completed in 1805 while Thomas Jefferson served as our President. The building was home to David Putnam, who was a nephew of Rufus Putnam, a General during the Revolutionary War and an organizer of the Ohio Company that settled the Northwest Territory in 1787. The home also became the first bank in Ohio as well as the first bank in the Northwest Territory.

We welcome our customers to visit Marietta and enjoy the rich heritage our river town enjoys.