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RKW Finland Oy's packaging production dates back to the 1920s. The family company Rosenlew at that time was the first in Finland to start manufacturing paper bags in 1923. At the time, the work was largely handicraft and some of it might even be done as homework.

The next significant step in the packaging industry was taken in the 1960s, when plastic bags entered the market and strong growth in packaging production began. In the coming decades, Rosenlew became one of the largest companies in its field in Europe. The product range included e.g. plastic and big bags as well as a wide range of different packaging films, which are still the main products of our company.

A piece of Finnish industrial history ended in 1987, when the Rosenlew family company was sold to Rauma-Repola.

At the beginning of 2001, the Rosenlewi Pori plant was transferred from UPM-Kymmene Corporation to its current owner, the German RKW SE, and continued to operate under the name Rosenlew RKW Finland Oy. The entire business of the RKW Group is focused on the production of plastic films and packaging, which further enhances our company's ability to serve our customers and develop our products to meet the increasingly demanding needs of our customers. In November 2012, the company's name was unified in line with the other units of the RKW Group, and the company's operations will continue under the former name RKW Finland Oy.