Rollor Packaging

Rollor Packaging

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AboutRollor Packaging

Rollor Packaging designs and develops next generation e-commerce sustainable packaging solutions powered by our patented anti-crease Rollor technology.

We add value to customers of e-commerce and logistics operations worldwide. Our strategic focus is on: Innovative solutions, more efficient fulfillment & shipment, superior protection during

transport, sustainability and differentiation by customer experience.

All of Rollor’s products are vetted for quality and to create an amazing unboxing experience. This is a creative packaging solution that changes the way customers receive their e-commerce packages.

Our technology allows clothing items to be shipped or taken along in a compact, stylish and anti-crease manner whilst delivering a unique unpacking experience to end users. Fashion items shipped to online shoppers are instantly ready to wear upon arrival.

Rollor Light Packaging: Our newest packaging line combines our patented technology with simplicity and is perfect for shipping fashion clothing, Jewelry or accessories to your customers in a smart and lightweight manner. The eco-friendly and fully recyclable packaging is easy to use and can be set up in just 20 seconds!

Rollor Premium Packaging: This is our most protective packaging line. The patented technology guarantees that every fashion item placed beneath the side rails can be shipped in a wrinkle-free manner. It’s particularly designed for delicate items that need to arrive in their best state at your customer’s home.

Rollor Bottle: This is our innovative packaging product that is 100% plastic-free and made from only one piece of cardboard. Easy to use and can be set up in just 30 seconds.

All the Rollor Products are fully customizable according to the client needs will fit the wide range of products and sizes.

Sushi Inspired

“On the way to present my graduate thesis, I decided to get something to eat. The sushi on my plate looked beautiful and logical, while the garment bag that hung next to me seemed unwieldy. This is where the idea developed to roll up suits. All that was needed was something to guarantee that they would remain wrinkle free: our patented Rollor Technology.”

UPS Certified

The Rollor Packaging has been tested and approved by UPS to ensure safe shipment. Certified engineers at the UPS Package Design and Test Lab used leading-edge technologies to simulate real-world package transport scenarios for the Rollor Packaging.

Patented Technology

All Rollor products work by rolling alongside a raised edge to create a protective pressure-free space inside the packaging. This unique technique has been patented as the Rollor Technology.